US Citizen Getting Message From Trump #PresidentialAlert

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People in the USA receiving a message from Donald Trump on 3rd October around 2:18 p.m E.T. Cellphones across the United States started buzzing simultaneously on Wednesday with a special text message from the Trump administration.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) introduces a national alert system that will inform the citizens of the US of any upcoming major alert or emergency with the text message, Presidential Alert as sender’s name.

FEMA conducted a test run of the national alert system that let “presidential alerts” to hit the majority of cellphones.

The text says;

“THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

“The Communications Act of 1934 established the authority for the President to use certain private sector communications systems for priority communications, such as sending alert and warning messages to the public, during national emergencies,” said FEMA in an FAQ explaining the test.

However, some people do not seem very pleased to get this unexpected message from Trump administration, most of the people complaining that they do not like to get an alert from the president.

Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted Saturday,

“I don’t want this. How do we opt out, @fema? I know Trump isn’t big on consent but I don’t consent to this.”

Check out how twitterati responded hilariously on #PresidentailAlert;

No matter how much people hate this message and how much they do not want it to receive but there is no way to get rid of these alerts.

According to FEMA, unlike emergency alerts and Amber alerts, these presidential alerts cannot be turned off.

On the question of privacy, the federal communication commission (FCC) ensure that it does not collect data based on the test, though it will ask cell service providers for feedback about how the test went.

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