V for Valentine or V for VERY Single??

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Oh! Here is the day they call “The Day of Love”, like you don’t love your loved ones other days of the year. There are 365 days in a year and 366 in a leap year but you wait for one day, JUST ONE DAY??!! Expressing your true, eternal and profound feelings is not a bad thing, but wait specially for Valentine’s Day, you can do all those things any other day too, no one will try and stop you, believe it. Well it’s better to do that any other time of the year because what if your “BAE” dumps you on the spot? Well that would be embarrassing. Just saying!

So are you  Someone’s Valentine or so Very Single??

Single? No need to worry enjoy the freedom life is so good being single; have fun time with your own self, have some ME TIME. My idea of ME TIME is some Chocolate Shake and Donuts, oh yeah and a good book.







Now we can’t even have ME TIME without being reminded about our single life too. Guys there will be a day when we will make fun of this bottle of milk too just like this did us right now.

Feel non-valentine much?



Well this guy does have a point there. Don’t take him too seriously, it happens with everyone all around the world don’t be upset, don’t lose hope there might be a day for you as well. Maybe another valentine’s day or your birthday, could be any day of a year, hey it might happen just tomorrow.

Till then just think what if for next valentine’s day, someone really comes and express their feelings to you and ask you out.

Like him:


Oh! who will reject this cute little guy? Not me for sure.

Or what if someone comes and says things like him?


Uhh..!! Cheesy much?? Not so interesting but wait his love for was really true because he actually did got OSCAR.



Be like “Itni Shiddat Se Meny Tumhen Paany Ki Koshish Ki Hai…”

Well here is a thing, until people like him are out there we have hopes too. So be happy you won’t be forever alone, no one is. You might be the one next year to say;

At Last I see the Light

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