Video Of Parents and Beacon House School’s Staff Went Viral

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Students are not allowed to sit in examinations by the principal of BSS, parents

Wednesday morning, a video of a father arguing with the principal of Beacon house School and other staff members went viral. In the video, we see the father making a live video from his cell phone over an issue of why the students along with his son are not allowed to appear in examination room.


In the video there was also a woman standing and raising the same question. This was happened in the Gulshan-E-Iqbal, Karachi branch. In the video it could be easily seen that few students were sitting in the room and were not asked to appear in examination room. The reason behind those students were not allowed in exams was that their fees were not cleared.

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When parents confronted the principal of the school that they are paying the fees for so many years and if failed to pay last month, why they are not given a chance by management of the school. Initially, when the father start capturing the scenario by his phone, an old man of staff tried to stop him. The father argued, that there is no where written that making a video is not allowed. The woman who was also present because of her child also argued with the staff and principal.

Beaconhouse School System is one of the expensive schools and well known. Beaconhouse has been in controversies for some months now. In November, Provincial Educational Department cancelled the registration of Beaconhouse and City School for seven days. Which was then termed as illegal by the joint statement by both schools.

Well, it is undeniable that private school are incessantly increasing their fees. And it is getting harder for parents to pay for their kids education. Our government schools are not as efficient, in which parents could think to get admission of their children in them.


here we can see the video:

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