Pakistanis Are Tired Of Terrorism: We Just Want A Peaceful Country For Us!

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This year has started as a mourning year for the nation. The enemies have attacked us on regular basis since the 2nd of January 2017. Much to the sorrow of us Pakistanis, as of yet there have been around 10 attacks and we are only midway to February! We can only pray to have a peaceful year ahead of us so that no more eyes shed tears on the loss of their loved ones. All we want is a peaceful country to live in, and that is not too much to ask.

The most disastrous of the attacks has been the bomb blast at the Shrine of Lal Shabaz Qalandar in Sehwan on the 16th Febraury, 2017, that killed around 90 people with over 250 injured. This incident has affected the nation intensely and poses many questions to the government and law enforcing agencies.

About other attacks, we can’t say that have been less disastrous because a life is a life and one loss is as painful as more than one. Put aside the trauma that the family has to go through, the aftermath of such incidents is that the whole nation constantly lives in fear for being the next. Responsible and sincere policemen are also being killed with each blast.

Recently during a blast in Quetta on the 13th Febraury, 2017, two bomb disposal squad commanders departed from us. Abdul Razzaq and Abdul Majeed have been serving in BDS for years. Knowing the risks of this job, they said that they wanted to save the lives of people, and they did. They died while disposing the bomb that had been placed to kill many innocent civillians. They saved many people from terrible harm, but little did they know they won’t be able to save themselves.

Then the blast in Lahore on 13th February 2017 that took lives of 15 people including the DIG Traffic Capt (r) Ahmad Mubeen, SSP Mahmood Gondal and DSP Pervez Butt and injured at least 87 others. This incident happened while a protest was going on by chemists and pharmacists against a new regulatory law, in front of the Punjab Provincial Assembly.

Peaceful Country

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said that the police failed to maintain high-level security due to huge participation of public in the protest. Fine, we can agree to disagree on this statement, but then what good you and your forces are for? If they can’t provide us a safe environment, leave aside maintaining the law and order situation within the country then what are they and you being paid for? That too from our taxes. IRONIC!

These incidents always spread anarchy and rage among people that may lead to other disturbing incidents too. Failure to take things seriously leads to the citizens of the country believing that our higher officials are only concerned about their own life and safety.

We are done with your so called condemnations of such frightful killings instead of taking appropriate measures. Just saying that you condemn the attack won’t do any good to us, now is the time that we take serious actions against these terror spreading hypocrites so that we all get a peaceful and safe country to live in.

It is our responsibility as public too, to overcome prejudices and hatred that is deeply integrated into our culture against other casts and communities. We should all become united against our enemies and always put Pakistan first. We should be ONE NATION because we all belong to the same country and we all are equally responsible for its safety. We should care for every one of us and try to protect each other against any harm. Also, in the wake of such horrible incidents, we should all step forward and do whatever we can to help.

Because losing hundreds of precious lives  within a short 2-month period is not what any of us wants to see again.

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