Waqar Zaka and Aamir Liaquat Arrested While Entering in Burma

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Waqar Zaka & Aamir Liaquat Arrested in Burma.

Pakistani social media champion Waqar Zaka & Aamir Liaquat was arrested as per BOL news reports. The duo is on the mission to Burma for Rohingya Muslims. However, the reports are not concrete yet because as per Bol news they last contacted them on immigration.

They began their journey from Dubai yesterday and Waqar was broadcasting every moment of his trip. While landing in Thailand in his video he was continuously mentioning  that they might get in big trouble. Although no one had idea that, it will turn out be a punishing journey for them.

 See his full message here :

We hope they both get back in touch with their fans. The whole nation is praying for them and for their good cause. Since this last video from his social media, we haven’t seen a single update about their journey. Even Bol news team tried to reach them but there are no reports. The last location of them as per Bol news team was Myanmar embassy.

Waqar zaka & Aamir Liaquat arrested by Bol news.

Our prayers to both of them and for their families. Let us know about your opinion in comments on this detention.

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Paras Waswani