Waqar Zaka spends New Year 2017 helping Syrians

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Waqar Zaka was found in Aleppo helping out people effected by the horrendous civil war. Keeping aside the weird publicity stunts Waqar Zaka pulls off it is no doubt amazing to see that he has made the effort to collect funds and reach out to these people.

The video shows him helping out a doctor in Aleppo. His constant status updates about his visit in Syria are heart wrenching to read.


I believe his efforts are truly commendable because while we sit and share/read reports on social media about this civil war, Waqar Zaka is out there helping out these people.


Hats off to the guy for his guts. He is trying to raise funds currently and has updated a status on his official facebook page so if any of you want to donate please feel free. It’s a proud moment for Pakistanis.

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