Waqar Zaka is all Set to Start his own Political Party

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Pakistan Tehreek E Tech ( PTT)

Waqar Zaka a VJ / TV Host / Entrepreneur a man of many talents has now come up with a solution to the problem in our country. He aims to launch his political party for the betterment of Pakistan and to make advancement within the information & technology sector of the government.

Waqar Zaka-12
Source: Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka has declared to lay down the foundation of his politic party on the basis of technological developments in the government departments as a means to end corruption and to overall elevate the standard of the infrastructure by introducing blockchain in the process which will mitigate the corruption at a higher rate.

In his interview with Daily Punch Team, he emphasized on the progress of the space program of Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), comparing it to its counterpart Indian Space Program, explaining how the right person in the right chair can propel the program into progress.

He has pointed out the flaws in our Schooling system as for how it kills the entrepreneurial mindset in the kids and force them to be a book worm.

He explained his manifesto in the video, uploaded on his social media profile. You can watch it here.

Waqar Zaka`s Other Activities

Previously he has launched Pakistan’s First Crypto-Currency ‘TenUp’ and worked with a team of students recruited from NED to work on his business venture ‘TenUp’.


waqar-zaka-political party
Waqar Zaka with his team.

He is also teaching a course on Social Media Marketing at NED University. Right now, he is focused towards his political campaign and to bring a sense of purpose to his nation.

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