Waqar Zaka Rohingya Mission: The Most Misread Pakistani On Social Media

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Waqar Zaka Rohingya Mission, The Most Misunderstood Pakistani.

After the reports of Waqar Zaka and Aamir liaquat detained, no one had idea that what next Waqar zaka is planning. The people who follow his social media and even his close friends didn’t know where Waqar is. While most of the people and news channels stopped their coverage of Rohnigya issue, Waqar Zaka Rohingya mission was getting intense. A lot of stories was circulating when Waqar was arrested on his previous visit.

The whole world is doing politics on the innocent Rohingya Muslims, and still no proper talks or negotiations are underway with the state of Burma. Government of Burma has declared Rohingya community as terrorists but things are unclear.

The most misread Pakistani on social media, Waqar Zaka week later arrived in Burma when he was last detained. He didn’t go there only for covering the issue and to get fame but instead he helped the effected people to escape that war zone. He showed the whole world that what one man is capable of doing, he helped 100 to 300 people to move to Nepal.

Some accused him that you are not helping Rohingya but Bangalis.

Waqar, the unsung hero for the Rohingya community did his part and not even he only helped them to migrate but planned everything for them. He managed to built the shelters for the community. The credit also goes to the people who trusted and donated Waqar Zaka for all this cause. The champion of cryptocurrency, using Blockchain helped stateless and bankless Rohingya people.

We are honored that he is the only Pakistani, who is helping Rohingya people without any support from state or any organization. We appreciate his every effort to help the community. What do you thing about his cause and mission ? Let us know about this in comments.

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