Waqar Zaka set to launch Pakistan’s first ever cryptocurrency in ‘Tenup’

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Waqar Zaka is in no need of an introduction. He is unarguably the most misunderstood celebrity of Pakistan, and still revels against the doubts and hate put against him.

Waqar Zaka(TenUp), like every other thing in Pakistan, has two sets of followers. The loyal fans and the extreme haters.For some, he is as a hero for helping those in need located in far flung areas like Syria and Burma.

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On the other hand, some of his flamboyant lifestyle (like the Tomorrow-land snapchat vlog) attracts hate from the sensitive sections of the society.

From topping TRPs with ‘Living On The Edge’ to making waves due to the ‘Syria and Rohingya visit’ incident – Waqar knows how to do humanitarian work. But this time around, he has made headlines that makes the nation proud.

He has pioneered into the world of cryptocurrency launching the ICO of Pakistan’s first cryptocurrency-currency.

This is not his first venture into money making. Waqar Zaka has been very vocal about his experiments and always came forward with different ideas to help people make money. From different vlog sites to Bitcoin mining, Waqar Zaka has led the way for innovation despite the constant barrage of hatred and vile accusations. And now, after exhausting other venues the famous Snapchat celebrity has invested in the development of his very own cryptocurrency, ‘TenUp’.

He went as far as Amsterdam to attend a Cryptocurrency conference, where he was invited among 50 other Cryptocurrency investors/speakers.

He is even uploading his ‘quotes’ on Facebook. Waqar Zaka – The cryptocurrency revolutionary!

Waqar Zaka was the first celebrity to host a reality show that topped TV ratings and was copied in different countries. He was the first star that started the Snapchat culture in Pakistan. He even went as far as to upload snaps of his personal life and travel, that showcased high end services such as diamond class Emirate flight cabins. A rarity an overwhelming majority of Pakistan can not afford. He has tutored many Pakistanis on easy ways of making money. His charitable causes are there for all to see. Even when people stoop as low as accusing him of using charity money for personal uses, he rarely resorts to anger.

He also is the first Pakistani to be invited at International Blockchain conference

What he does in his private space should be of no concern. He is self aware, and is constantly on the move for something new and fresh. That is not only commendable but is something that should be promoted.

While the haters still unnecessarily interfere in his personal life, it is clear that he has as a heart for noble causes and innovation in the country. He doesn’t back down in front of the hate and TenUp is an example of that.

What do you think about Tenup IO future? Let us know!


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  1. Tenup is just another scam from Waqar Zaka, don’t promote anything without proper research, Investors please research properly before you put your hard earned money, he created ouicoin ico in january, run away with investors money and now he is back with another ICO, stay safe guys.