Waqar Zaka Slams Media for Showing Fake News of Alcohol Possession

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TV host and Blockchain evangelist Waqar Zaka arrested on Monday for having the possession of Sheesha in his car. The news spread quickly and all the local blogging website and news channels misled the audience by fake news of alcohol possession.

Soon the fake news started spreading quickly and the media websites started copying it without any confirmation.

Here are some blogging sites and some media channels who spread the fake news;
Source: Brandsynario
Source: Reviewit.pk


Source: ZemTV

A couple of hours after the fake news broke up Waqar Zaka clarified the reason of charges against him on a video from his Twitter handle.

“What kind of intoxication have I done? What kind of alcohol do I possess?”  Said Zaka in the Video.

“There’s news that non-local alcohol has been found in my car. Kindly, read the FIR filed with the police. If you can’t read it, please find someone who can.” Zaka Further said.

Waqar Zaka was arrested under the charges of having the possession of Sheesha. Zaka justified himself and said that he had no idea that it is illegal to have the possession of personal sheehsa or hukkah.

He added, “If you have sheesha in your home or car – irrespective if you’re using it or not- you will be taken into custody by the police. Since I had sheesha in my car, I wasn’t even using it, the police took me in custody and informed me that an FIR will be filed.”

After that Waqar Zaka posted a video on Facebook that contains the statement of the policeman – who arrested the TV host – said that he was liable to arrest just for having the Sheesha, no alcohol or intoxicated material had been found in checking.

Here is the full video of Waqar Zaka on his arrestment;


Waqar Zaka shared the copy of his FIR and plea the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take legal action against the fake news.

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