Waqar Zaka Thar Challenge Pushes Government to Look on Tharparkar Issue

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The government of Pakistan finally taking steps for Tharparkar health crisis after Waqar Zaka #TharChallenge.

Tharparker has been going through some very serious crisis of food and health, where the majority of the population lives below the poverty line. Since 2011, more than 2000 children under the age of 5 have become the victim of malnutrition and certain aquatic diseases.

In October 2018 the crisis got even more severe but still very far from the main concern of Provisional and the National Government.

The Living on the edge famed Waqar Zaka raised the concerned over Tharparkar through his social media channels and conduct a charity drive for Tharparkar.

Zaka published the VLOG of his visit to Tharparkar, in which he introduced the Tharparkar Challenge.

What is Tharparkar Challenge?

In this challenge Waqar Zaka nominated all the politician of Pakistan to visit Tharparkar, just spend a day in the shacks, where the people of Thar lives and drink just one glass of water from the well – that is the main and only source of water for the Thar people.

Many people from Pakistan took on to Twitter to promote this challenge and nominated different politician to take on #TharChallenge including, Prime Minister Imran Khan, Imran Ismail and Bilawal Bhutto

Gradually the challenge came into the trend and eventually the Government of Pakistan took notice of the serious conditions of Tharparkar.

On October 19, Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah ordered the health department to set up emergency medical camps in every district of Tharparkar to deal with the serious health crisis.

Today the official account of Government of Pakistan tweeted;

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed serious concern over the terrible situation and deaths of children in #Tharparkar, directing relevant authorities to prepare a relief package for the drought-hit area.”

On Instagram @PTIofficial also announced the development of two hospitals in Tharparker;

Let’s see how this promises will be fulfilled by the Government, but there must be some applaud to Waqar Zaka for raising the concern on this issue. Good Job Zaka!

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