The ‘Water Well repairing Project’ by Tears to Cheers Social Welfare Organization

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Tears to cheers ‘Water Well repairing Project’

Thar is the place, where people are hanging around pots of water walking miles and miles consistently for their basic need; clean water for survival. Even the toilet system is subsequent and wastewater is not directed. An estimated 2,200 youngsters and infants are dying of bacterial illness. Like it is said, Pakistan is probably not going to meet its viable developmental objectives for safe water arrangement to its masses by 2030. As indicated by Water Aid, 16 million individuals in Pakistan must choose the option to drink grimy water. On the other hand, quick urbanization is making access to clean water significantly more difficult.

Let’s not forget that water is a universal human need and right. The United Nations (UN) declares that “The human right to water is an absolute necessity for driving an actual survival in human dignity.

Tharparker and its story

The painful story of Tharparkar region would not be any different if I say it is spread more than 22,000 square kilometers and is a constantly poor zone with an expected population of 1.2 million beings. Among them, 95 percent live in around 2,000 towns. 80% of the general population is subjected to rain-fortified agricultural business and domestic animals for their trades. The groundwater that individuals here disburse is saline to bitter and has a high grouping of different salts and minerals, which are risky for both human and animal’s survival.

According to some sources,

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and Senator Krishna Kumar Kohli on Sunday stated that:

“Entire Tharparkar district is facing acute water shortage owing to the lack of routine rains and underground water of not suitable for drinking”

Although the distressing issues of Tharparkar need the responsiveness of both federal and provincial governments. However, none of the authorized party has taken necessary measures for long-lasting resolutions for these concerns.

Tears to Cheers

An individual from Karachi, who is a university student. Is currently running a Non-profit Organization, Tears to Cheers Social Welfare Organization. This young guy realized the responsibility of protecting the basic human need for clean drinking water for these underprivileged citizens.  He visited the district of Tharparkar and encountered the residents of different villages over there. The team found that the residents are enduring with the disastrous water circumstances. The wells are nearly all dry and the unavailability of water is critical.

The campaign

Tears to Cheers Social Welfare Organization started their new promotional campaign on social media platforms to support their ‘Water Well repairing Project’.  with an undertaking of repairing ten wells in different villages of Tharparkar.  The dedication showed by the team was immense. They succeed enough to collect funds for six wells out of which four has been constructed. And the villagers are being facilitated with the supply of water.  Also, the team keeps the donors updated on different platforms as the project is still in progress.  

Tears to Cheers Social Welfare Organization works with the mission of bringing stability among the underprivileged and deprived citizen. Not only this, but the organization also work for the health, safety, and education of these people. They believe in promoting peace and alleviating poverty from society. Providing better care for the sick, through investigating their problems and enriching their experience with hope and strength.

Khan Muhammad Magsi, the founder of Tears to Cheers Social Welfare Organization, holds a strong message for the nation and encourages every individual to join them. 

“It is the responsibility of every Pakistani to step out of his circle and help the Mustahiq person who needs our attention in the most possible way.”

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