We should definitely prolong our ‘Eid” spirit beyond Eid holidays

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Eid for the majority is kheers, sheer khormas, dawats, relatives and Eidi. It’s like the annual family get together. Eid becomes the focus as soon as Ramadan commences. Three days of feasts, harmony and peace. Why can’t we be the same for the rest of the year?

As I sit with on my office desktop today, I feel like my parole term has just finished. As fun as it might look, work is always work. This feeling isn’t new to me but the fact that we’ve just come after an Eid break adds to the intensity. After all, Eid is the best time to be in Pakistan.

The streets are filled with happy children and enthusiastic vendors. Elders show love for the youth. We hug each other when we meet. We dress well. Apply colognes. We complement each other. The kids serve the seniors with gratitude and respect. We are generous to the poor and affectionate for the needy. It’s like our three day act of how to be civilized people. People actually had the audacity to queue outside populated eateries (!!). It does not hold true for the 100% but I’d like to believe that was the case for the majority.

But I woke up to reality today. The harsh, hard hitting truth that after this three day fiasco we return to our bratty and corrupt selves.

My Eid hangover lasted short, only to be cut by a power break in my vicinity. It was almost like KE vying for attention after not having some for three days. Ugh, okay. As I left home for work I had to deal with an aggressive Careem driver who couldn’t wait for two minutes. As we descended the Shahrah-e-Faisal bridge that overlooks the Gora Qabristan, two men grappled on the side of the road. The broken glass splattered across the road was evidence of the accident that had occurred. Was my keen notice the bad omen to the harmony that engulfed the city for three days?
In my defense, this has been the case before I was capable of noticing things. As our Ramadan induced piety wears off, we return back to our wicked ways. I wish that we didn’t. Who doesn’t like complements and good dresses? Who is against harmony?

As Tuesday helped me discover, its us.

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