World’s last and only Northern White Male Rhino Sudan Died in Kenya

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The 45-year-old rhino named Sudan (White Male Rhino) was put to sleep on Monday by officials from the nonprofit Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, after it became clear that the animal was in extreme pain from age-related health issues and from a series of infections.

The death of the Sudan, world’s last remaining Rhino created a huge dismay around the globe. He developed an infection on his right back leg. He had already been suffering from age-related complications, and the infection worsened his health condition.

“Once his condition worsened significantly and he was unable to stand up and evidently, suffered a great deal, the decision to euthanize him was made by his veterinary team,” according to an official statement from the Ol Pejeta Conservancy website.

He was unable to breed with the female rhinos in captivity, and his plight came to the world’s attention last year when the Ol Pejeta Conservancy signed up Sudan for Tinder in search of an eligible mate and to raise funds for research into breeding methods. Sudan has left behind one daughter and grand daughter.

Poaching has been the huge cause of declining some specie and the threat continues all over the Africa. The western black rhino was declared extinct seven years ago as a result of poaching. All five remaining rhino species worldwide are considered threatened, according to the conservation group Save the Rhino. Like elephants, rhinos in Africa are aggressively hunted for their lucrative horns and skin. Conservationists are focusing on saving this species in addition to the southern white rhino, a species numbering around 20,000.

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