Why PayPal ignoring Pakistan?

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Paypal In Pakistan

Along with the emerging technology, various new trends are also emerging. The online system is moving towards the advancement. Therefore it is very easy to transfer anything from one place to another. One of the best approaches to the internet is online shopping. Online shopping is comparatively convenient and less compulsive. And in this field, Pakistan is facing problem in having services of PayPal.

Online shopping in Pakistan has initiated. Most of the people now prefer online shopping more. In order to buy and sell from a wholesale online shop payment system is the most important. The payment system has emerged from the traditional paper method to the electronic system.

PayPal is one of the online payment systems. It was originally for online payments and purchases. It can also be used to shop at retailers. Unfortunately, It does not support Pakistan.

Federal Minister of Finance Asad Umar has shown concern over this issue.

Previously, responding to Pakistans invitation, global Financial Action Taskforce removed Pakistan from a list. Considering Pakistan a high risk and involved in money-laundering. The government in 2015 failed in this regard.

Neither US-based PayPal nor AliPay the giant Alibaba payment system support Pakistan. Recently Asad Umar expresses his concern about PayPal showing a ‘cold shoulder’ to Pakistan. Asad Umar according to his statement is ready to catch a flight to meet CEO of Paypal.

In his recent interview to PTI social media. Asad Umar said if PayPal didn’t come to Pakistan. Then there must be some alternatives. According to his statement, Asad Umar is planning to have another alternative in the next four months.

In past years, an outpour of startups has seen. And it is not only beneficial for Pakistan economy but also for PayPal. It could be the best opportunity for PayPal to establish their base. Due to this many freelancers are facing strong resistance in their payment systems.

Let’s see what this government has to offer in this regard. Will this issue go dead silent or government will complete their claims. Let us know your views in comments.

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