Will Smith to feature in the official song for FIFA World Cup 2018

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The football season is upon us as the footballing elite prepare for the grandest prize; The World Cup!


Fifa World cup 2018 mascot
Source: Fifa.com


Special preparations have been put in place for the most viewed sporting event in the world.

World Cups are no regular events, and dedicated songs are composed for every event.

Who can forget the classics of 2010 World Cup?


Shakira set the globe on fire with Waka Waka


Knaan followed with a soulful song that united South Africa and football


This World Cup’s official song will feature Will Smith!

Along with singer-songwriter Nicky Jam and Kosovo singer Era Istrefi.

According to an interview with Nicky Jam manager Juan Diego Medina that aired on W Radio, Nicky Jam and Mr. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were in Budapest putting final touches to the song.

The song is all set to release on May 25th 2018.

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