Wondering what will be the beauty trends in 2019? here we have them for you

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Every year comes with a diffrenet trends. So does the 2019. This year some trends are going to make the best and you can’t afford to miss them so here we go ladies.

Grey Hair!

Yes, my friend, if you spend dollars on your hair color appointments then this year will be yours, finally, you can embrace your grey hair and the silver lining on your head because this is going to be a hit trend of 2019.

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Baby bangs

Yes, your heard it right! the Audrey Hepburn’s cropped bangs are back in town. This will be one of the hair trend this year. So go baby girl go get them cropped and slay!

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The stand out pout!

Standout pouts going to be killing this year. Lover of bold lip colors ? this year is yours because the trend of standout pout is in.

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Grown lift up lashes

Last year was all about thick brows. Well, this year too but with lift up lashes. So grow you lash game strong girl and lift them up like your standard. You can use lash serum too for tha

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Glossy Makeup

While 2018 was about matt makeup looks 2019 will be all about gloss and glitter. So go get yourself some glossing things and get ready.

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So these are some of the dramatic trends this year. Let us know in the comments below if you like them.

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