World Cup’s Hottest Debate Is VAR, Has VAR Ruined the Intensity of the World Cup?

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This World Cup’s most controversial thing has been VAR, Video Assistant Referee.

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With the vast advancements in the world of technology even the sports is incomplete without it. Cricket, Tennis and Hockey already utilizing the technology in the their respective ways, where FIFA recently in World Cup Russia 2018 introduced VAR system. A system which has opened the door for new debate in the world of Football, a question rises, will the technology be further used in other tournaments?

It has been the talk point of the tournament so far without any doubt, no matter what opinion you carry. Introduction of technology has always been controversial in Football.

Let’s find out times when VAR actually gave a sense of hope to some teams and also a bad technology for some.

Spain vs Morocco

The last minute off side equalizer by Spain which was delayed for minutes due to decision by VAR left many unclear questions on the pitch. This was the reaction by Morocco Player.

Iran vs Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo, who had earlier missed a penalty, was later the subject of a red card review after landing an elbow at Morteza Pouraliganji off the ball, but was only shown yellow by Enrique Caceres. This particular decision also initiated doubts on technology. Iran Coach furiously said,

“You stop the game for VAR, there is an elbow. Elbow. Elbow is a red card in the rules, the rules doesn’t say if it’s Messi or Ronaldo, “I don’t know if it was this but we have the right to know.”

It the ending minutes of the tight match, Iran was awarded potential penalty against Portugal. A penalty which changed the match all upside down, the Portuguese coach putting forward his concerns said,


“To end the game like that is just not fair,” said Portugal’s Jose Fonte. “This VAR system is not my thing. Cedric is furious. In our opinion, he is not even looking at the ball.”

The statements by both managers are indicating that VAR decisions are not good when it is against you. However, we haven’t seen any person criticizing  technology when the decision is in their favor. So the conclusion can be drawn very easily, When it is on your side it is perfect, when it is not than it must be poor technology.

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