The Reunion Saga of  Fawad Khan and Xulfi of EP.

Fawad and Xulfi, the old band mates get reunited after 16 years for the TVC song of Battle of the Bands. EP the lost band, also began their journey from Pepsi Battle of the Bands. The famous band had disengaged a couple of years later. But the old duo from the band performed together for the Pepsi’s TVC track. Pepsi’s official Facebook page also acknowledged Xulfi aka Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan for the music production:

 EP Pepsi Battle of the bands

How one can forget the golden days of Entity Paradigm (EP). Unfortunately, that golden era ended too early. However the founder of EP, Xulfi, got the chance to perform with his old mate once, Fawad, once again. On this memorable reunion on the platform of Battle of the Bands, they both shared their beautiful memories. While talking to Patari, Xulfi expressed his feelings and emotional memories with Fawad Khan:

Xulfi and Fawad

Via Patari

Interestingly, EP also began their musical journey from the platform of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, where they are back in action once again. Due to this historical moment, many fans even demanded for the official reunion of EP: 

battle of the bands

Even we wish for the same, the revival of the awesome rock band EP.  Music lovers all over the country would welcome this revival of rock music. Team Daily Punch wishes the best of luck to Fawad Khan and Xulfi for their upcoming project!