Yasir Hussain shared another picture with Iqra Aziz and fans are even more curious

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Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain couple or friends?

Iqra Aziz the heart throbber and brilliant actress and on the other hand we have Yair Hussain who is best known for his comic roles are in the news again. Why this time? Both shared a picture couple of months back in which the look closer and quite happy. But at the same time, this photo rose so many questions in the comment section.

This was the Photo that Yasir shared


Ater this they’ve been seen so many times together whether it’s some show or a casual Rakshaw selfie together




Yasir praising Iqra in her new drama “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”


Thi ka Kya matlab .. @iiqraaziz hai hi aisi…

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You can see Iqra all over in Yasir’s Instagram and it’s so sweet.

And now the latest one is just making the public more curious


TALE AS OLD AS TIME #iqraaziz #yasirhussain #blackgold

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The comments that this photo received were the reason too.

Here what Aiman Khan said

 Asim Azhar with a sarcastic song
And we had Muneeb Butt
  Then we Have Hira Mani

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