Youtuber Irfan Junejo Received Death Threats Post His Comments on TLP

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Pakistani YouTuber Irfan Junejo received death threats post his bashing comments on TLP and its follower.

Since the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted Aasia Bibi on her blasphemy case, since then the unrest in the country has been uncontrollable. Due to the reason many markets in the metropolis and all private have been ordered to remain closed on Thursday.

On this hot topic, no public figure came forward to share his/her opinion on the ongoing crisis, nevertheless, the rising Youtuber and uncrowned Vlogger of Pakistan Irfan Junejo shared his opinion from his Instagram handle.

Here is What Happened

He posted a series of stories from his Instagram account to discuss the ongoing issue in the country. He shared his opinion and straight away blamed Tehreek-e-Labaik as the key player in making the chaos and destroying the public property in the name of Islamic protest.

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First, he started the poll of voting in which he asked his follower, who supported the actions of TLP, the options were “Yes” and “Not at all”, around 80% of the people voted for “Not at all”

Subsequently, in the next story, he requested all the people who voted “Yes” to his story to unfollow, unsubscribed and unlike his page. In the next stories, he shared his thoughts about TLP.

He deleted the stories a few hours later, however it was mainly focused on the outrageous behaviour of TLP supporters in their yesterday’s protest. He said that destroying public property and making others uncomfortable in the name Islam is describing the ideology of extremism, not Islam.

A few hours later, Junejo received a call from an unidentified number on his phone who gave him the death threat, according to Junejo the caller said, “Kya bhai! Karachi main rehna hai ke nahi” ( Do you want to live in Karachi or not).

Soon after the death threat Junejo deleted the stories related to TLP and posted another story that says;

“Had to delete what I posted earlier. It took less than 4 hours for me to start receiving actual death threats by phone. Here is your positive image of Pakistan. Yayy!” 

After that Junejo urged his follower to take the follow up of the story on his Snapchat as he wanted to share his detailed opinion.

On his Snapchat, he mainly talked about empathy within the people of Pakistan, he felt tremendously disappointed on how people are making fun of such a serious of death threats. He further said that it also helped him to identify and aware the extremist in his community that which he later banned and blocked.

In our opinion, everyone has the right to freedom of speech and every other individual has the right to oppose it in the same way. Giving someone death threat is so not the option to settle down the verbal debates. What do you think? Comment below your opinion.

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