Zarnish Naveed – Kidnapped Girl Back to Home Mysteriously

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Zarnish Naveed Finally Returns Home

A Girl who was kidnapped from Bahria town week back finally and safely return home this morning. Zarnish Naveed, a 7 year old girl whose pictures were circulating all over social media after when she went missing. The internet was flooding with her pictures and there was huge outcry. In the middle of the day she was she was kidnapped openly in front of her home.

Zarnish Naveed

After feeling helpless her uncle started social media campaign, which fortunately went viral and everyone was into it. This shows how social media can bring ease and sense of support among users. It can be labelled as one of the best and helpful campaign with better outcome. Zarnish’s uncle announced today on his Facebook account.

Zarnish naveed

Her uncle even claimed that their family was ready to pay ransom but there was no clue of them. Not a call, not even a message they received from kidnappers and this is a mystery. Things are still unknown where she went and what was the reason. And people were happy to see the little angel home and congratulated her family.

Zarnish Naveed



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