Zhalay Sarhadi Revealed Her Battle With A Disease And Her Vulnerability

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It’s weird how we see celebrities on Tv and find them truly and utterly attractive and perfect. To us, they are the healthiest and richest. We feel their lives are perfect. They hire expensive fitness trainers so they can never go out of shape or can feel sick because they’re wealthy. Most people get this idea about celebrities, right? But little do we know is, they are like us. Like common people, they fall ill, they face depression they feel down and they can have some rare diseases.

Just like that, recently many celebrities came up with their health issues. Be it depression or cancer they shared their journey. Be it celebrities from  Hollywood, Lollywood or from Bollywood. Many of them shared their issues with their fans because social media is a platform to share with people.

Like recently, Pakistani singer, drummer, and music producer  Farhad Humayun shared about his brain tumor


Thank you for your prayers ❤ Yours Truly – Farhad Humayun

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and now the gorgeous actress Zhalay Sarhadi shared about her disease. Tal\king to Instagram she wrote:

“Hypothyroidism is a constant battle ! I have been dealing with it for the past 4 years. It brings about issues like, depression, low immunity, weight gain and fatigue. However, you should go for an overall checkup every 3 to 4 months. It safeguards you from illnesses and helps you monitor any changes in your body. Be aware to prepare. Have a good Monday 😘💖

After this post, her fans showered immense love and support on her post and left many Duas her way. We are glad that she’s doing great and fighting like a brave girl. It’s nice how these celebrities spread positivity through their messages. We wish Zhalay Sarhadi a speedy recovery with lots of prayers and love!

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