Several states have declared vaccine lotteries and corporations like Krispy Kreme have offered incentives for immunizations. Dating apps have also started allowing users to share their vaccination status, all in the name of helping people to get the shot. After Florida Government, Ron DeSantis signed a law prohibiting the use of what call “vaccine passports,” a Tampa Bay concert promoter chose to creatively motivate his town to get vaccinated by providing 18 dollars discounted tickets in exchange for vaccinations and charging 999.99 dollars for those who have not received vaccinated.

Paul Williams, the man behind this idea, told CNN that it all began when Brendon Kelly, the lead singer for another punk band, The Lawrence Arms, was thinking of kicking off a tour if it was safe this fall. Paul said he began brainstorming ways to get the band to get to his venue with their manager, Tobias Jeg. Since the play was set for August they still had a lot of time to find out the details until Tobias pitched the idea of an earlier show in June for Teenage Bottlerocket.

“I said, “Absolutely!” and he said “Okay, well we’re announcing it in a week, can you make this thing happen in a week?”‘ Paul said.
“I closely follow the news … and the CDC had just declared that vaccinated people could go out masked off indoors, and I was like “It is on.”

As of Friday, 210 tickets of the 250 discounted tickets were sold and Paul said that if someone buys the full-price tickets, all of that money will go directly to the band. To buy tickets, concertgoers should agree to bring their government-issued photo ID and their vaccination card. When they purchase their tickets, the language says what’s required and how to get a shot if someone needs one, as well as how to replace a vaccination card.

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