The rising use and requirement of Artificial Intelligence are increasing with each passing and hence it is just impossible to even imagine a life without AI. Notably, AI is a boon for mankind but yes ut has certain drawbacks too. The use of Artificial Intelligence made it easier for humans to nurture every task without any trouble. However, on the other hand, AI is turning into a huge obstacle for humans and for their lives too.

The United Nations have now reported that the excessive of Artificial Intelligence is an extreme threat to Human rights and the chief has even requested the member states to place a prohibition on its sale. The Human Rights chief of the United Nations has also said that the use of AI is a negative and terrible risk for the system which they pose to be mentioned.

Michelle Bachelet, the current High Commissioner for the Human Rights of the UN, addressed this issue on the basis of a report presented in Geneva on this subject. This report mainly sets an alarm to mankind on the use of AI for profiling tools and forecasting. Additionally, the High Commissioner also said that technology can definitely have a great influence on ‘Rights to privacy, to a fair trial, to privilege from despotic arrest and arrest and the right to life.”

This report presented in Geneva and the Commissioner’s remarks basically follow the most recent proclamation which was the design of spyware and is called as ‘Pegasus.’ This spyware predominantly targeted millions of the cell phones and other devices, that are owned by the heads of state, international journalists, and human rights activists.

Michelle Bachelet has also admitted that the use of Artificial Intelligence is a huge force for betterment, aiding societies to tame a few of the considerable challenges of the olden times. But, yet she suggested that the threats offered by the AI’s use can overweight its positives.

With a warning, she also noted the extraordinary intensity of the surveillance covering the entire globe with the state and other private actors and thus this is something antipathetic with human rights. In a statement, Michelle said, “The higher the risk for human rights, the stricter the legal requirements for the use of AI technology should be,”

Looking back, then recently, a report was presented by the nonpartisan IT and Innovation Foundation, which claimed that AI is wiping out all the human jobs at a high pace.  The report mainly depicted the inspection done over 10 industries by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which mainly involves the leisure, hospitality, business, and other professionals.

Notably, the ITIF President, Robert Atkinson, who also co-authored the report claimed, “The prevailing narrative of accelerating job loss due to new technology is just a myth. Since the mid-1990s, the total number of workers laid off every year as a portion of all jobs has declined quickly. Besides, despite the principal employment disturbance in the early stages of the pandemic, the proportion of job losses have remitted to the pre-pandemic trend line.”

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