Law and Order

Unlike the Live PD nonsense, the law and order franchise is almost certainly more internal than any other media brand that the police promote because it has been telling stories about heroic cops always attracting bad guys and prosecutors. heroic. They will always find the right thing. way to lock them up for 30 years, but now Dick Wolf and his old television organization have a revolutionary new concept: if the bad guys don’t really do what, how do you do? What if people sometimes enter the criminal justice system unfairly? What if all someone’s job is to defend people in court?

This is a key aspect of the way the country works, and now (eventually) it has become a key aspect of the “law and order” franchise. According to Variety, NBC has issued a series of orders to “Law & Order: Directly to the Department of Defense,” a new spinoff series on criminal defense firms that will “put lawyers under the microscope” and “[cash] A story. Contemporary Morality of Promise Once a Week “. This seems to imply that in many cases a person is guilty and the attorney will defend them anyway, which is fine, but at least there is some meat on this bone.

The series will be hosted by Carol Mendelsohn, who worked at CSI when it was very important. Wolfe said in a statement that he and Mendelsohn were excited “doing television that they haven’t done before.” Many of the attorneys’ performances are about defense attorneys, but … again, good. We don’t want to fight Dick Wolf. It seems to be able to pull us away easily.

The “Law and Order” brand was launched in 1990, and the original Emmy Award-winning Law and Order was in operation for 20 seasons. Law & Order: SVU, starring Emmy Award-winning Mariska Hargitay, maintained a solid performance in season 22, breaking the record for the longest live-action series in television history.

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