Ingrid Law is approved in Oaxaca; whoever disseminates photos of crime victims will be punished.

The Ingrid Law is a reality in the state of Oaxaca, after its approval by the state Congress, and seeks to eradicate the public or media exposure of photographs or explicit audiovisual content of victims of any crime.

Thus, the Penal Code of Oaxaca was reformed, specifically Section VII of Article 207 of the legislation. Therefore, those who disseminate, share or exchange photos, documents, audios or videos of the scene of the discovery, evidence, evidence, objects, of corpses or parts of them, may be credited with two and up to seven years in prison and a 30 to 50 day fine.

Revenue law initiatives for 21 municipalities of Oaxaca dismissed due to inconsistencies. There will be no parking meters in Oaxaca de Juárez; fall outside the income law. Deputies from Morena supervise sanitary drainage work in El Tule.

The amendment to the laws will allow the sanction of public servants who filter or publicly show classified documentation of an investigation in progress, any type of image of women, girls, boys or adolescents or of people belonging to the LGBT + population group.

This law takes its name from Ingrid Escamilla, who on February 9, 2020 was murdered by her ex-partner Erick Francisco “N”, who stabbed her ex-partner. The crime outraged the country due to the display of the victim’s body on the front pages of red note newspapers.

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