Jack Peter Grealish was born on the 10th of September 1995, he is an English professional football player who plays for Aston Villa in midfield as an attacking midfielder or in winger as a left-winger, playing for the Premier League club and the English national team. He is greatly rumored to sign for Man City this season. Grealish joined Aston Villa at the age of 6 and made his club debut on loan from Notts County in May 2014. Being eligible to represent England or the Republic of Ireland at the international level. Jack Grealish has served as an international player in the Republic of Ireland until the U21 level, then confirming his decision to play for England as of April 2016. He played for England U21 for the first time. 


In May of 2016, he won the 2016 Toulon Championship. Grealish was born in Birmingham, West Midlands, he was brought up in nearby Solihull. He attended the Roman Catholic Elementary School of Our Lady of Mercy in Solihull and the Roman Catholic High School of St. Peter. He is of Irish descent, his grandfather is from County Dublin, his grandfather is from Gott, County Galway, and his grandmother is from Sneem, County Kerry. Influenced by Irish ancestry, Grealish played Gaelic football for John Mitchell’s throw and Camoge’s Warwickshire GAA between the ages of 10 and 14. He competed with the former Aston Villa women’s football team and the current Birmingham City Women’s football defender Offie Mannion (his classmate) in the Gaelic football game. 


On August 4, 2009, in the quarter-finals of the 2009 All-Ireland Football Championship against Dublin and Kerry, Greelish scored in Croke Park on behalf of the Warwickshire GAA. Grealish also had a younger brother Keelan who tragically died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in April 2000, only 9 months old. His great-great-grandfather Billy Garraty (Billy Garraty) was also a football player. He won an international match against England and won the FA Cup final with Aston Villa in 1905. 


Grealish made his debut in the FA Cup in the third round of the FA Cup against Blackpool at Villa Park on January 4, 2015. His team won 1-0. He played 75 minutes before being replaced by Andreas Weiman. On March 7, in the sixth round, West Bromwich Albion defeated West Bromwich Albion 2-0 at home, replaced Charles Nzobia in the 74th minute, and was sent off for a second warning for overtime diving. On April 7, Greelish started his first Premier League game for Aston Villa and drew 3-3 at home with the Queens Park Rangers. His performance was highly evaluated.​​​  In the FA Cup semi-final against Liverpool at Wembley Stadium, Glarish participated in Villa’s two goals, including assists for the champion Fabian Delf who later advanced to the final. On May 30th, Glarish played the 2015 FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium, when Villa lost to Arsenal 4-0.


In March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK, the Premier League was suspended midway through the return season of Aston Villa. During that forced shutdown, it was revealed that Greelish violated the government’s home rules. He admitted that his behavior was “wrong and totally unnecessary” and was fined by the club. Glearish broke the record of being fouled the most times in a premier league season in 2019-20 with more than eight games left. He scored in the final gameday as Aston Villa drew 1-1 with West Ham in the Premier League and relegation opponent Watford lost to Arsenal 3-2 saving them a spot in the Premier League. Grealish was named the Aston Villa player of the season by fans and other players at the end of the season in Aston Villa’s award ceremony. This was thanks to him having scored 8 goals in the Premier League and 10 goals in all competitions, becoming the club’s top scorer. On September 15, 2020, Grealish and Aston Villa signed a new five-year contract with a contract period of 2025.


The Premier League title holders are expected to announce on Thursday that has signed the 25-year-old player with a record transfer fee of 100 million pounds, making him the most expensive transfer fee in Premier League history, surpassing 89 million pounds. In 2016. Although he has been training at his childhood club since returning from an extended work stoppage on Monday, there were reports on Wednesday that Grealish had arrived in Manchester for a medical examination and would later be confirmed as a Manchester City player. There are even hints that in the next Community Shield game between Manchester City and Leicester City on Saturday, which is a week before their first Premier League game, the midfielder can play for Tottenham Hotspur. Play in the next game. Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano confirmed that according to reports, Greerich will sign a five-year contract at the Etihad Stadium with a transfer fee of 100 million pounds. It is expected that Manchester City will be in this position. The players later announced his latest arrival. Receive a medical examination on Thursday. 


However, it is worth noting that although Grealish is unlikely to make his Manchester City debut in the weekend against Leicester City, he is unlikely to face the Foxes and Guardiola took precautions. According to reports from Time Sports’ Paul Hirst and Tom Roddy, they participated in the European Championships this summer. In addition, it was revealed that Villa tried at the last minute to convince his academy graduates to stay by offering him a contract extension and a higher salary, but the prospect of participating in the Champions League and competing with Guardiola for the top trophy in Manchester was persuaded. Recently, it was reported that Grealish had discussions with his Villa Sports Director John Lange, CEO Christian Perslow, and President Nasef Saveri. 


Regarding your desire to join Manchester City and take another step in your career, Manchester City will provide you with a platform where you can show your talents on the biggest stage and challenge the highest prizes in the game. Manchester City and Villa agreed on the structure of the deal, although there are reports that the fee may initially be 75 million pounds, with an additional 25 million pounds as a reward for success. After flying to Manchester from Villa’s pre-season training ground in West London on Wednesday, Grealish is expected to sign a five-year contract with Manchester City on Thursday as rumors suggest, which will allow him to play for the club until 2026.


Although training at his childhood club since returning from an extended suspension on Monday, there were reports on Wednesday that Grealish has arrived in Manchester for a medical examination, after which he will be confirmed as a Manchester City player. The midfielder can participate in Manchester City’s next Community Shield game against Leicester City on Saturday, just a week before their first Premier League game at Tottenham Hotspur. If Grealish has a chance to make his Manchester City debut in the weekend against Leicester City, he is unlikely to face the Foxes. Guardiola has taken extra precautions on the physical condition of players participating in the Champions League. , As reported by Paul Hirst and Tom Roddy of Time Sports. It has recently been reported that Grealish discussed with his Villa Sports Director John Lange, CEO Christian Purslow, and President Nasef Savills to discuss his hopes to take a new step in his career by joining Manchester City. With his one-step desire, he will provide him with a platform where he should be able to showcase his greatest talent on the stage and challenge the biggest prize in the game.

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