Assistant professor of biology at Piedmont University, said that the Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider, has been discovered recently. It is found in Florida everglades. These are very rare breed of the spiders and are related to Tarantula. They have been spotted very few time since 1920s.

These spiders are generally found in pine rockland habitat of southern Florida but their habitats are being destroyed by humans slowly. The rockland habitat is a bit of threatening place said the Professor. They generally are found in pines growing on limestone out crops.

They can be potentially wiped out due to urbanization, human development, land clearing etc. The population of these spiders are small and these are threatened species and human colonization could completely end their species.

This study was published in the journal in the month of April. And these spiders are one of the 33 new species of America and are known as Trapdoor spiders.

The Manager of Conservation & Veterinary Services said that these spiders are found in endangered forests in the middle of the cities. These endangered species are to be conserved so that we don’t loose them for ever.

This spider was found in the year 2012 by a zoo keeper. The zoo keeper was checking the reptile research traps when this spider was seen having a huge body. This spider did not match any records of the animals and neither resembled any normal spider.

The whole data was then sent to the Professor who was previously doing the research on Trapdoor spiders for almost a decade. They have been also analyzing samples of the trapdoor spider obtained from the museum which dated back somewhat of 1920s to 1930s.

They further added that only males of this new species were identified and no females were found yet. Also these spiders resemble tarantula spiders and have same physical properties.

The venom extracted from these spider species proved to have potential pain killing effects and can be used for medical purposes.

Meet the Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider, who was recently identified in Florida.

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