Private schools announce that they will resume face-to-face classes on March 1 at all levels and states.

Today, Monday, the National Association of Private Schools (ANEP) warned that they will return to face-to-face classes starting next Monday in institutions of all levels of the 32 entities of the country, without respecting the color of the epidemiological traffic light for COVID-19.

Alfredo Villar, representative of the organization, announced that it is not known how many students will return, or which schools will participate, as there is still fear of contagions that could occur in the schools.

Through consultation, Chiapas teachers seek to improve social security. Teachers of the CNTE will demand a 100 percent salary increase due to a pandemic.

He added: “The color of the traffic light does not matter, private schools are going to open and there will be face-to-face classes. We are not asking for authorization, we are asking for support because we are attached to the rule of law, we are not violating the law, we are demanding compliance by the authorities ”.

He explained that the idea of ​​the authorities to return to classrooms until August or January is unsustainable, both for the academic backwardness that will take six or 10 years to compensate, as well as for the desertion of about two million students and the closure of 20 thousand colleges.

To resume activities safely for parents, students and teachers, he commented that all the health protocols recommended by federal authorities will be followed, as well as the implementation made by other countries that have already resumed post-pandemic activities.

Asked about the risk of fines or sanctions by the authorities, he explained that they will enforce all legal remedies to which they are entitled, since the violation of the third article of the Mexican Constitution that speaks of the right to education cannot be prolonged any longer. .

Therefore, he made the call for those parents and students who are in public education and want to return to the face-to-face scheme to approach these institutions, since options are being sought by the directors to offer discounts and facilities.

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