They demand justice for Carolina, a young Juchiteca who died as a result of the beatings of her partner.

Family and friends of Carolina, a young Juchiteca who died as a result of the beatings of her partner, launched a campaign on social networks to demand justice.

Rogelia González Luis, founder of the March 8 Women’s Group, indicated that there are sufficient elements for the crime to be reclassified from attempted femicide to femicide and thus the aggressor has a penalty of up to 50 years in prison.

Oaxaca federal judge, accused of family violence, blocks justice for his former partner

“Carolina did not die, she was murdered. The legal issue was classified as an attempted femicide, however, with the autopsy, there are enough elements to reclassify it and it may remain as femicide, this implies that it will have a greater sentence to purge in prison, ”said the activist who followed up on the case.

For 12 days, Carolina LL agonized in the “Macedonio Benítez Fuentes” hospital where she was admitted on February 5 after being beaten by her partner, Antonio CL, who is currently in custody.

The case stirred public outrage, who in messages posted on Facebook asked that it not remain in impunity.

“Carolina, like many women in this country, die in total anonymity from daily, slow and accurate beatings. Femicide on the Isthmus. Justice! ”Wrote the Zapotec poet Natalia Toledo,

According to acquaintances of the young woman, for ten years Antonio exercised extreme violence against Carolina, even when she was pregnant, a fact that caused the death of the baby inside the womb.

Antonio’s abuses frightened her because she was constantly attacked with a machete.

In the last beating, he also allegedly poisoned her, sexually assaulted her and cut several parts of her body.

According to the monitoring of feminicidal violence by the Rosario Castellanos Women’s Studies Group, 295 girls and women have been violently murdered since the declaration of an alert for gender violence in Oaxaca, 15 so far this year with the femicides of Elizabeth and Carolina, which occurred in Salina Cruz and Juchitán respectively.

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