This Tuesday, the Minneapolis police reacted to the shooting reports near George Floyd, the intersection where Floyd passed away last year since the members of the community united to mark the anniversary of his death.

An unknown caller reported that a suspicious vehicle left the area “at a high-speed rate,” police stated in a statement. According to the police, an individual with a bullet wound not intimidated by life was being treated at a local hospital, according to the police. “This is an evolving event,” said police spokesman John Elder. Meanwhile, the George Floyd Memorial Foundation has organized a celebration of life at Commons Park in the center of Minneapolis with activities For families, actions, and invited speakers. Members of the George family, including his daughter, Giana, and the mum of him, Roxie Washington; Floyd’s sister, Bridgett; Additionally the three brothers and nephew of George, will also meet with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

On George Floyd`s murder, President Biden was about to meet with the family after the lost deadline for police reform, the intersection of 38 and Chicago, in front of the food of the Cup, were committed to traffic and it is as a memorial to Floyd. The death of him prompted months of protests globally against police brutality & systemic racism. Derek Chauvin was condemned by second-degree murder, third-grade murder, & second-degree homicide last month after bowing on George’s neck for more than nine minutes. The three other former offices were accused of aiding and the Inciting Chauvin will be tested in March 2022.

Also, The four men have been charged by a great federal jury with violation of George’s civil rights by the arrest. The intersection has been converted into an outdoor festival for the “increase & remembers Floyd”. Celebration, including a vigil with candles at 8 pm. It follows several days of marches & rallies across the country that marks the anniversary of one year of George.

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