The previous season of a TV series brings some form of end. The lead characters find what they have been looking for, appear to be on the right path, or at least are left in a situation that feels like it belongs at the end of a book.

After three seasons, Hulu’s “Shrill” is running quietly. Eight final episodes of this drama series starring Aidy Bryant are streaming now. The “Saturday Night Live” cast member presents Annie Easton, a journalist trying to build herself professionally and also to grow more specific in her skin, in this series inspired by Lindy West’s 2016 journal. Aidy is a writer for “Shrill,” as well, which USA TODAY’s television reviewer Kelly Lawler described as “the single best and most realistic TV show ever to introduce a fat woman.” Aidy says that – Hulu has canceled all the series after three seasons but said the last episodes provide “a kind note to leave it on.” In her eyes, Annie has grown from “someone who lets anyone do or say anything to her, without any value,” to “defending for herself and trying to get all the things that she wants.”

Easton was never any of those terrible stereotypes. Season 1 of Shrill very much closes with self-esteem, like in the much-loved fat pool party scene, where Easton finds comfort and belonging at an event for plus-size females. And in season 2, we get to see that Annie’s mum lob passive-aggressive diet aid at her daughter, proving how even those with good intentions preserve fat-shaming. Season 3 moves steadily into exploring anti-fatness and how it reveals itself within ourselves. At this moment in the story, Annie’s body is not the problem — the issue is how the world handles her and how she internalizes the pain.

Additionally, “Shrill,” Aidy also shares her thoughts about completing her time at SNL and marks the hoopla encircling the selection of entrepreneur Elon Musk as host this weekend.

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