If you’ve been trying to get a PS5 in recent months, you know that your mission is almost as big as the game console itself. Although sales are at a record high, Sony is still struggling to keep up with demand, and Sony may need to take drastic measures to increase inventory again.

In Sony’s annual financial report, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki confirmed that the production of the PlayStation 5 had been delayed due to a shortage of semiconductors. To solve this problem, Sony even considered changing the design of the game console. (If you want, you can buy PS5 here.)

According to T3, Totoki claimed in the report that Sony expects to sell more than 14.8 million units in 2021, which is the second year of PS4 sales. But to do this, Sony will have to make some changes to meet the demand. “For example,” Totoki said, “we can find auxiliary resources or we can find them by changing the design.”

It’s surprising to hear that the design of the new console is about to change, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the redesign is completely internal. Adjusting the amount of silicon required within the machine can help Sony alleviate a semiconductor shortage.

In other words, maybe Sony can take this opportunity to tweak the look of the PS5. Maybe you can get some clues from this popular all-black PS5 mod. Even this ridiculous water-cooled PS5. When he revealed the design for the official game console last summer, he was mercilessly mocked. Imagine that Sony painted the game console with a new coat of paint. Maybe it wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

Whatever happens, anything that can speed up the production line is a good thing in our opinion. Before that, check out today’s best console deals below, and be sure to check out these great Nintendo Switch deals.

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