ViacomCBS has developed a full-scale movie plan for its Paramount + streaming service. Infinite is a science fiction thriller starring Mark Wahlberg and Chiwetel Ejiofor and directed by Antoine Fuqua. It debuted directly on broadcast media in the United States. In late June, CEO Bob Bakish announced on ViacomCBS’s first-quarter earnings conference call on Thursday.

ViacomCBS is following the lead of other major studios, which are trying to promote their streaming services by submitting new movies directly to streaming media, although the company has previously emphasized that it will continue to support the robustness of many of its movies at large. scale. The drama runs for at least six weeks. Like many other movies, “Endless” was originally supposed to be shown on the big screen in 2020, but it was plagued by pandemics. Bakish said “Infinite” “will make a lot of noise. I’ve seen this movie, it’s an interesting movie. People like Mark Wahlberg.”

The company did not immediately provide details on Infinite’s international distribution plan. Bakish also touted plans to increase Paramount + ‘s movie catalog and planned “Movie Mountain” ad campaign this summer.

Bakish said: “Look for movies that are gearing up to substantially scale up their products.” “In fact, we will soon begin a ‘Cine Mountain’ marketing campaign, which will focus on the thousands we are adding to Paramount + A new film, including blockbusters and exclusive originals.”

The CEO said 1,000 movies will be streamed live by streaming media in early June. “There will be other movies in July, bringing the total to 2,500.” He added: “Like” The Avengers “and” Movies like “Landfall” will soon be released on the service, as well as a number of great Paramount movies like “Mission Impossible: Impossible Ghost Protocol”, “Rocketman”, “Sonic the Hedgehog” , etc. “Paramount (Paramount) struck a new deal with Epix in February, which also gives the studio more flexibility in backstage windowing strategy, so you can be at Paramount (Paramount +) Get new and library titles at the website.

Bakish reiterated that John Krasinki’s “Quiet Place Part 2” will be shown on broadcasters 45 days after it is shown in theaters on the anniversary. “In addition, we will continue in the film” Paw Patrol “, a gift for families who are eagerly awaiting the version of the long story of the most popular preschool character in the world. Also,” new original films such as “Supernatural Activities” and “Between” will be will premiere on Paramount + at the end of 21 “.

Paramount hopes to further strengthen its original film distribution in 2022. Bakish said: “These are all previews of a substantial increase in original films next year, and we expect to start weekly in 2022. An original film is produced on average.”

He didn’t share all the details right away, but did respond to a question about the revenue call and said these movies will include around 12 “short window pay-1” movies. “The CEO continues to say every week that the original movie of the week will be an exciting movie.” It will be a series of films of different genres, “including the highest-grossing films produced by Paramount Player Banners, the films” Paramount + “and” other studios we own, including Nickelodeon “and” Awesome. “Management has stated in the past. which will use ViacomCBS content and units to provide Paramount +.

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