Aware that this reading is done internally and externally, she herself took advantage of the speech to pack her new position and affirm that having entered the ERC Government would have been a more accommodating decision.

In his new lectern was able to deploy his defiant style and proclaim that it will “maintain the sanctity of the Parliament , its independence, not allowing interference by the executive or the judiciary.” As always , such as a statement of intent , “he said.

He also launched harangues against” Spanish judicial revenge, while declaring himself heir to former president Carme Forcadell , but he avoided mentioning the hitherto president, Roger Torrent .

Something that Torrent did not go unnoticed. Not that the new president’s speech disappointed the PSC or was “more of the same” in the words of Ciutadans, is that even ERC leaders did not feel represented.

Esquerra also did not ignore the statements of Puigdemont in ‘El Punt Avui’, assuring that the support of ERC for the Government cannot be taken for granted.

The same thing that Borràs herself said, after being invested, on TV3: “The negotiations are far from closed.”

But the Republicans maintain that the investiture negotiations are advancing and continue to weave their strategy, which will now go through starting to specify the Government’s program in the midst of a pandemic and social and economic crisis. This Friday he gave the CUP a space at the Table, voted for Borràs and avoided entering into polemics.

The session served to repeat scenes from the previous legislature, such as the protests of Ciutadans for the little institutional independence speeches.

And he found that the 11 Vox deputies maintained a discreet and isolated presence. It was also the setting for the independence movement to receive the ‘ex-councilwoman’ Meritxell Serret as a deputy after her surprise return from Belgium.

And for Borràs to warn that, despite the fact that this Friday the ‘ex-minister’ Lluís Puig , who is still in Brussels, was not allowed to delegate the vote, this will be changed by the pro-independence majority.

The CUP was also true to its style and abstained against Borràs. “It has not been correct that until the last moment the name was not known and there has been no opening of the Junts to negotiate,” criticized Dolors Sabater .

In case there was any doubt, the anti-capitalists are moving away from the option of entering the Government, as it is also confirmed that ERC’s commitment to an Executive with Junts, CUP and ‘comuns’ will not have the latter, who have felt ignored by the Republicans. “ERC’s broad route at the end was the Borràs route,” he complained after the session.

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