Actress Julie Benz is willing to return for the revival of Dexter. Back in 2006, Julie was introduced in the first episode of Dexter as Rita Bennett, Dexter Morgan’s loving girlfriend. Dexter dated Rita and blended in with society; he eventually married her as he killed criminals in Miami. When things were going well for him, Rita, and their three children, Rita was murdered by Trinity killer and left their son Harrison in a pool of her blood.

Season 4 is considered the best in the entire series, and Rita’s death was shocking. The series finale was also quite stunning. How season 8 ended, the audience and critics didn’t like it, and Showtime hopes to redeem the show with Dexter season 9 this fall. Till now, season 9 has cast Clancy Brown as the villain Kurt Caldwell and Jamie Chung as a true-crime reporter. However, besides Michael C. Hall, none of the original cast members has been confirmed for the revival.

Julie briefly commented on┬áDexter┬áseason 9 in a recent interview with TVLine and said she would be willing to return for the revival, but it will not make sense for Rita to reappear. There have been mixed reports that some of the old cast can be seen on Dexter’s revival. James Remar, who played the role of Dexter’s adoptive father for eight seasons, said that Showtime didn’t ask any of the original cast to return, and he has no idea about what season 9 will be. Chung seemed to later contradict Remar’s comment by saying the revival has “a lot of fresh faces, but a lot of familiar ones.” It not clear till now who will return and who will not for season 9. Until the show airs, Showtime probably won’t confirm any returning cast members.

While it might make sense to have characters like Joey Quinn or Angel Batista come to finish their stories, it will be challenging to bring Rita back. After her death, Rita was never a big part of the show. Dexter is moving on to find other love interests. According to Julie’s comment, it doesn’t look like Rita will return.

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