In 2018, married duo John Krasinski and Emily Blunt wowed moviegoers with their terrifying post-apocalyptic thriller, A Quiet Place. The film did well at the box office received lots of praises from critics and the audience. Now the sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, running in the theaters across the countries, is doing well at the box office. If anyone still prefers to watch at home, they can.

On Paramount + Quiet Place Part II can be watched when it is released in mid-July. This is the new streaming service from ViacomCBS and is an expansion of the CBS All Access service that offers access to a vast library of content and new streaming shows and series. It is available in part of Latin America and the US. Later this year, the service will come to Australia and Canada.

In A Quiet Place, Krasinski and Blunt play parents Lee Abbott and Evelyn. They want to protect their children from the sinister creatures. Earth most of the population is destroyed by these creatures by hunting their prey through sound. The role of Regan Abbott is played by Millicent Simmonds, Evelyn, and Lee’s deaf daughter, and Marcus Abbott plays Noah Jupe, their young son. John Krasinski directed parts I and II as well.

The Abbott family is on the move in the sequel, aided by Emmett, a friend of Lee’s played by Cillian Murphy. Emmett helps them to make their way into the group of people who are still living. The same suspenseful motif of silence persists in the final trailer of the film.

Signing for Paramount + –

For $5.99/month, Paramount + could be signed or stream ad-free for $9.99/month. Later this year, the $5.99/month plan will be discontinued, and a $4.99/month plan will start that does not include through the CBS station access to live TV. If some is already a CBS All Access subscriber, then automatically will be rolled over into the Paramount+ subscription and will have access to full content.

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